HOOPs at the 2023 NBA Draft

June 22, 2023

2 min. read

As I boarded the flight from LaGuardia back to Memphis, I felt a wave of gratitude come over me.

I looked out at the runaway and smiled as this capped off the experience of a lifetime with the HOOPs initiative at the NBA draft.

Conversations in Greek with Giannis Antetokounmpo, conversations in French with Victor Wembanyama, and conversations in English with the rest of the incoming draft class of 2023 capped off a trip to New York that will never be forgotten.

The city so nice they named it twice, the capital of the world, the city that never sleeps. New York was in full form during the week of the NBA draft with more media members and security personnel than I may ever see in one area. The buzz around the Barclays Center as 8 o’clock approached on this Thursday in June was sensational. Speaking with the draftees beforehand showed me that there is a hope for this next generation. There is a light and a driving force for impact and positivity entering the professional basketball realm.

On behalf of the HOOPs initiative, I would like to welcome you to our landing page. Whether you’re an athlete, sponsor, or volunteer looking to get involved, we can all contribute to driving real impact in our communities and across the world. HOOPs is optimistic about the direction of professional sports and their communities, especially with high engagement events with your favorite athletes on our horizon

If you have any questions regarding the HOOPs initiative, please fill out the form on our contact page and a representative will follow up with you!